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Why Partner with PocketPoints?

mobile-happy-face-emot-cheerful-cell-phone-1-29896Be known as a business that is part of the movement between healthier relationships between people and their mobile phones.


  • Access to a wider customer base: By partnering with PocketPoints, as a merchant, you can reach new customers.
  • Increased brand visibility: PocketPoints can help merchants increase brand visibility through promotion and advertising.
  • Access to valuable resources: PocketPoints can provide merchants with access to valuable resources, such as:
    • Marketing support.
    • Technology and expertise, that the merchant might not have otherwise.
  • Increased revenue: Partnering with PocketPoints can help the merchant increase their revenue by reaching new customers and improving their product distribution.

PocketPoints Highlights

Jersey Mike’s • 1,400+ locations supported, 10k+ redemptions during our pilot (January-May).
Redbox • 30k+ kiosk locations supported, more than 40k+ redemptions since January.
Leading Women’s Online Retailer • Averaging $100k+ monthly sales.

Success Story

We created a “Study Buddy” campaign that would leverage the
app’s branded achievements during a 4-week “finals” season.

When students stayed focus for an additional 2 hours in this
window of time, they earned the branded achievement and were
surprised with a free Red Bull. More than 500 7-11 locations

The marketing plan included push notifications and email
advertising to maximize reach.

More than 15,000 free cans of Red Bull were redeemed during the 4-week campaign.
The entire marketing program was able to reach more than 400,000 students.
Pocket Points out-performed all other companies that we’re engaged in Red Bull’s sample program.

How can you use PocketPoints to engage people?

Rewarded Video

Your brand can surprise students with bonus points upon watching a video.

pocketpoints Sponsorships


App takeovers, promoted placements, and more creative ways to get your brand in front of students.

Pocketpoints Branded Acheivements

Branded Achievements

Give students a challenge to stay off their phones longer.

The PocketPoints Merchant Portal


Our portal provides local and online merchants with a variety of different features to track their progress.

Business Profile

Each business has their own Business Profile. This is where your PocketPoints audience can see the different coupons being offered.

Coupon Purchase

We make it easy to formulate effective coupon strategies for your PocketPoints audience by providing valuable analytics.

How the Portal Works

Edit text and images that will display on the app.

See analytics of when and which coupons are being approved.

Add, edit, or delete coupons at any time.

Add multiple store locations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it for me to manage my profile on the portal? 

Each business has their own Business Profile. This is where your PocketPoints audience can see the different coupons being offered.

How do people find my store on PocketPoints?

On the PocketPoints app, you need to navigate to the Shop page.  There is a search functionality available to find any merchant available in the Shop, locally or online.

How do I track the engagement of my audience with my brand?

The PocketPoints portal provides merchants with an analytics dashboard that gives you insights into your audience type and their demands.

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