Reduce mobile distractions in the workplace through rewards


What PocketPoints can do for your Business ?

As a business that uses PocketPoints you will start seeing benefits like:

  • Greater productivity and motivation. 
  • Less costly errors. 
  • Decrease in workplace accidents.
  • Higher team morale amongst employees.
  • Satisfied customers.

If you find your staff being constantly distracted by their phones, PocketPoints is the solution for you.

Are Mobile Phones Effecting your Business ?

The use of mobile devices for personal reasons during work hours can have a negative impact on a business as an employer.

Mobile distractions can lead to:
  • Decreased focus and productivity.
  • Decreased job satisfaction.
  • Reduced task completion times among employees.
  • Reduces safety in high construction workplaces.

The constant notifications from social media and other apps can also create a cycle of constant interruptions, making it difficult for employees to concentrate for extended periods of time. 

This can result in decreased overall performance and reduced job satisfaction, and can also affect the work environment, leading to decreased morale and teamwork.

The PocketPoints Workplace app

Employer App

1. Download the app.
2. Invite Employees.
3. Reward Employees.
4. Increased Productivity.

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Employee App

1. Lock to Unlock Points.
2. Employee Rewards.
3. Request for Approval.
4. Shop at Merchants

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track the time my staff spend off their phones?

Your staff downloads the PocketPoints Employee app and we track the time they spend with their phones locked during focus hours. You can view their progress on the Employer App Dashboard functionality.

What else can my staff get on PocketPoints?

In addition to staff rewards, staff can earn deals and freebies from a variety of local restaurants and online retailers. The best way to tell what's available in your area is to download the app and look around.

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