Are you part of the Distraction Apocalypse ?


The App that Rewards Healthy Mobile Behavior

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What is PocketPoints?

PocketPoints is a mobile app that changes behavior through gamification, points and rewards.

Earn PocketPoints by locking your phone.  Reward employees, students, family members and drivers for completing challenges and spending less time on their phones.

Are you part of the Distraction Apocalypse?

The "mobile distraction apocalypse" refers to the widespread and growing problem of excessive and compulsive use of mobile devices and the internet, leading to distraction and interference in people's daily activities and relationships.

This phenomenon is caused by the addictive design of many mobile apps and the constant barrage of notifications, which can lead to decreased productivity, decreased attention span, and increased stress levels.

  • Are you having trouble completing tasks at work or at home due to mobile distraction?
  • Is your mobile phone making you feel isolated from friends and family?
  • Are you concealing your mobile phone use from others?
  • Do you have a “fear of missing out” (or FOMO) when you don't have your mobile phone with you?

Negative effects on your Mental Health

Excessive mobile phone use has been linked to several negative effects on mental health, including:

  • Increased stress and anxiety.
  • Decreased attention span and concentration.
  • Disrupted sleep.
  • Increased feelings of loneliness and depression.
  • Addiction and dependence.
  • Increased risk of obesity.

How PocketPoints Benefits You

Teacher Rewards

  • Increased concentration and focus.
  • Improve their grades.
  • Aspire to a better and brighter future.
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  • Increased concentration and focus.
  • Improve their grades.
  • Aspire to a better and brighter future.
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  • A safer working environment.
  • More motivated and energized employees.
  • Less distractions in the workplace.
  • Increased productivity and motivation.
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    Family (coming soon)

  • Less screen time and more family time.
  • Healthier environment for children.
  • Less stress and distractions.
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    Drive (coming soon)

  • Less distracted while driving.
  • Have less accidents.
  • Have less insurance claims.
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    How it works

    Four simple steps to success:
    1. Lock your phone
    2. Earn Points
    3. Get rewarded
    4. Spend points at merchants

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